January 28, 2011

Stumped by Shelby Dollar

      When people say that sometimes it’s worth it to swallow the pain and to keep going they really don’t realize what a bunch of bull that is. I mean just look at my sister and I we wanted a “happily ever after” to not have to live in a shack for the rest of our lives. We wanted something better and sometimes when you really want something you’ll do anything to get it. My sister and I aren’t that bad sure we made Cinderella do things and picked on her but what family doesn’t tease each other? Anyways, I know we came off as the evil sisters in the story and all making Cinderella do our hair and making fun of her but really now? Does everyone have to hate us who read this story? Why doesn’t anyone consider that the real reason the big bad wolf went after the pigs was because he was hungry and not just a jerk. And for all you know those pigs could have been real porkers if you get my drift.

      I’m not saying I’m proud of what we did to Cinderella, trying to ruin her happy ending. But at the same time do you know what I went through to try to find a scrap of happiness? My mom made me cut my heel off for fairy dusting sakes, just to fit into a glass slipper. Oh and everyone knows she thought that one out real well. Sure when it comes to brains the prince isn’t the shiniest penny in the fountain but the slipper was practically see through. So when I foolishly stuck my bloody stump in the slipper it didn’t take a bunch of birds to get him to realize I wasn’t Cinderella. Then again... scratch that, I do recall an annoying humming tune they sung about blood in the shoe and the bride not being right.

      By the way those stupid birds ruined everything for me. Not only was one of my feet deformed and my dreams crushed. But when I actually tried to make things right between Cinderella and me at her wedding, those feathery bastards plucked my eyes out. Now I have to admit that was way worse than cutting my heel off. So now I’m blind and have been told that I look like an abused doll with sockets for eyes. I’ve tried to have a strong sense of humor about this whole thing but it’s hard. I just wanted to chase my dream and have a good life. Now no one can look at me without gasping in disgust. You think Cinderella had it hard finding a boy toy all covered in ashes and dirty clothes? All she had to do to was clean up and put on a dress. Me? I can dress up all I want but no one pays attention, they just gawk at my face. Even though I can’t see them I can only imagine the look of disgust and pity on their face. Even when I go out in public I can hear them whispering.

     “Such a pity”

     “She had so much potential”

      I’ve shouted some profanities at them before, and they probably think I’m delusional or something. But then again I’m sure you think I’m crazy, talking about cutting myself just to reach my goals. We all do stupid and foolish things to try to get what we want, especially if we think it’ll make us happy and successful in the end. I’ve visited Cinderella and she sounds happy to be elevated to such as high status and have a man who loves her. She even says sometimes she gets the urge to sweep a fireplace every once in a while (her attempt at a joke). Over all, I understand that it was wrong of me to treat my family like I did just because I was trying to accomplish my goal of a happy ending. But if there’s one thing those flying devils taught me it’s that to be absolutely honest, happy endings suck and are as over rated as a lazy fairy godmother and a dumb prince. I just wanted you to know that even though I never got the typical ever after I don’t need it, because I’m strong and I don’t need a fragile slipper. Sure I’ve made some dumb choices but who hasn’t. So take these words and remember me now and not like how I’m portrayed grimly in the stories...also watch out for those damn birds.

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