February 1, 2011


Ever after seems so desirable in every story you read. Love sweeps you off your feet as you float through the sky on a cloud that’s just the right size for the two of you. Seven years ago my ever after began when the man with glass slipper in hand. Today I cannot even fake a smile in this cold castle as we sit across the long feast table. The walls were once full of love and conversation, but how quickly that disappears when you realize it’s only lust. Now the only sound you hear is forks scratching across glass platesRead more.

The willow broom handle rubbed against familiar callouses as Isolda swept around the hearth for the tenth time that day. Insanity would rule her days if she hadn't taken to the habit of remembering fonder times when her parents were still aliveRead more.

A tragedy was never meant to travel to the sheltered halls of his home, never inside to the broken down greenhouses still accommodating exotic plants, never to the main hall where the guests’ laughter once lingered, and most certainly not on his wings as he flew high above the rotting bedposts still bright with gloss, above lamps still lit, though steadily growing dimmer, but the truth was that it did; it leapt from his feathered wings to rooftops and bedrooms, as dust travels on the wind, bringing a final ultimatum. But he couldn’t stop it, not now.  Read more.

“Again with the damn shoes?” Cinderella stood just outside the closet. “I can see you, you know?”

Prince Charming sat on the floor with Cinderella’s glass slipper in his hand. He licked the toe of the shoe. When she burst in, he almost dropped it. Read more.

      Why is it they always tell the girl’s stories: Snow White, Sleeping Beauty, and oh yes, Cinderella?

      Palace PR will always have the final word. If they ever released the real story, the Charming family might not appeal to the mainstream.

      Well, here it is.  Not that I think it will ever get published, but I’m here to set the story straight, which is about the only part of the story that is straight, if you know what I mean.  Read more.

    “A scullery maid?  No!  Absolutely not!” the King said. 

    Cindy was lucky the Prince left the door open a crack or she might not be able to hear their conversation at all. 

    “But father, she’s so beautiful. I’m sure she’ll-"  Read more.

She had never paid much attention to the stories. She had never needed to.

Even while she walked up the palace steps in the dark, Ella had not paid much attention to the things surrounding her. If she had, maybe she would have noticed when she lost her glass shoes.  At the time, though, the mere fact of being so far out of her home was all she could even begin to notice.  Read more

If the Glass Slipper Fits by Randall R. Jahn

Sometimes the day ends with a hush, other days end with a sucker punch to the gut, and some just don’t end.  Today was supposed to end quietly.  I tied up all the loose ends of my last case, pocketed a few coin, set my feet up on my desk, and watched as the sun settled in behind the royal hangout.  The castle’s silhouette had just crept across my office floor when there was a knock at the door.  “Come in, it’s open” I called out.  Read more.

      Once upon a time, there was an old hedge wizard named Ben who loved children. He was a shy man, but very kind and gentle, and he lived in a little house with a beautiful garden by the river. When people came to him for advice or charms, he always did his best to help with his meager magical skills.  Read more.

      ...and they lived happily ever after…

      Cinderella had everything a girl could want. Her marriage was wonderful. The prince treated her fantastically. Otherwise, she was bored. A year after marrying the prince, the girl who was so used to working hard, had everything done for her. She tried to stay busy but there was nothing to do.  Read more.

Desperately uncomfortable when a maidservant entered the room to clean and sweep the hearth, Ella snatched the broom from the maid's hand and dismissed her. "I'll be damned if I let another person clean up after me," she thought, clearing the ashes from the marble fireplace, realizing, as she worked, that she felt relaxed for the first time in weeks.  Read more.

Shattering the Glass Slipper by Amalina Anuar

Cinderella sighed. Today would mark the end of six years. Six years of waking up every day before her husband, Prince Charming who had now become King Charming did, to contemplate her life in the royal museum as she stared at the pair of glass slippers in front of her. Six years since she first saw his harem of mistresses who she had lost track of after the tenth one appeared.  Read more.

Temp Girl by Cathy Graham

     “Your coffee is total crap, Ellen. See if you can make it right this time,” Margot, the art director gave me the pained look she reserved especially for me. She flashed her dark eyes with the false eyelashes that were forever falling out. Just the other day, Judy had freaked when she saw one on the desk and thought it was a spider. Read more.

The Slipper and the Faulty Wand by R.F. Marazas

      In the year since the magnificent fairy-tale wedding (second only to his own twenty-some years ago), the King had experienced a range of emotions; from hopefulness to perplexity to simmering anger to present fury. Where was his promised grandchild? Had he not organized the ball that brought Cinderella, the loveliest girl in his kingdom, to the attention of his idiot son, Prince Charming? And had he not encouraged and blessed the marriage? And what had he gotten in return? An heir? A continuation of his lineage?  Read more.

      She ran. Faster, faster, fleeing down the stairs into the night, tripping over the gown as it fell away in tatters leaving her in her scullery maid's garb – relief when the glass slipper came off her foot.

       She kicked free of the other slipper as well. Almost threw it away. Then hugged it to her.  Read more.

      She slumped in the armchair with her glass of wine, kicking off the sensible flat shoes that she wore to the office each day. Stretching her legs towards the fire, her dainty little feet finally warming; Claire sighed and closed her eyes.  Read more.

      “There’s blood on the shoe; the shoe is too small. Not the right bride at all.”

      Mama gave me the knife and made me do it myself. She said it would heal. She said that when I was queen, I’d never need to walk, that I would have servants for everything.  Read more.

       When people say that sometimes it’s worth it to swallow the pain and to keep going they really don’t realize what a bunch of bull that is.  I mean just look at my sister and I we wanted a “happily ever after” to not have to live in a shack for the rest of our lives. We wanted something better and sometimes when you really want something you’ll do anything to get it.  Read more.

Fragments by Monika Kim

     Cinderella stared blankly out her fogged window, tugging loosely at a tendril of hair that had fallen wispily out of the tightly wound bun behind her head. The new ring on her left hand gleamed brightly, but she barely glanced down at the way the magnificent diamond reflected the light of her enormous room.  Read more.

In a society of humans, in a town called Graintreme, live a group of sisters and their mother, who work as smithys. Three of the sisters  are born from their mother, but the other is not. Years ago, their father, who was lonely after the death of his first wife, met their mother and accepted her and her three born daughters as family. Read more.

"...and so the handsome prince fell in love with the beautiful Cinderella and they got married and they lived happily ever after..."

So it ended – and so it shall stay - forever and forever always - because no one is going to ruin this perfect, happy ending... Read more.

Monkey Boy by Ben Piggott
Look, I didn’t ask to be a superhero. I always thought I’d play in the NBA, if you want the truth. That was when I was little, though. I mean young, of course. I’m still little. When you’re five feet four in your hand-me down, too-big-for-me socks, basketball’s kind of tough, y’know?  Read more.

      He decides he will name himself ‘Clarence’. It is a serviceable human name to go with his serviceable human shape, and he likes the sibilance at the end. Before tonight he did not have a name; did not even understand the concept of names, did not think of anything but warm sun on his back and the crunch of small bones between his teeth, inasmuch as he thought at all.  Read more.

“Godmother… Fairy Godmother…”
     Agnetha sighed as Ella’s hushed voice awoke her from a dream involving a handsome prince of her own.  She opened her eyes reluctantly and stared tiredly at the ceiling.  She had been avoiding Ella for some days now, but the magical link between them meant that she couldn’t avoid hearing whenever Ella summoned herRead more.

The Hornet’s Nest by Gillian Daniels

Before sunset, Ella had to ask for more work.

She hadn’t been given any chores for the week. Ella would have thought her stepmother had forgotten her if they hadn’t known each other for the past fifteen years. The silence was a trap; Ella would be beaten for laziness in the next few days.
Read more.

Diamond Tear by Jane Buffham

There was once a lady who had a daughter so beautiful and sweet-tempered the best of creatures could not hold a candle to her. The knowledge that she had brought this wonder into the world filled the lady with such exquisite happiness, she died. Read more.

Toe to Toe by Yaddi Shaw

He thinks I am lily. Or orchid or daisy. Or some other such sweetly affected, delicate flower, here for his pleasure. He thinks I am here for him to pluck from the weeds, sniff a few times then place in a plain crystal vase, plain less it outshine my radiance, then place high on a dais overlooking the royal throne where all who enter can see and admire and think him so lucky and duly blessed. Read more.

Cinderella’s Glove by Jack Horne

He remembered her large dark eyes, and imagined gazing into them once more. Fighting back the tears in his own eyes, he thought, Oh, Rapunzel, how did it all go so horribly wrong? I loved you so much and you loved me – or so you said. Read more.

Best Foot Forward by T.L. Sherwood

As the boot flew across the room, Manford wondered if the job market was truly as horrendous as his employer had informed him that it was. Personally, he didn’t know of anyone without a job that wished to have one. In fact, Mr. Charles had asked Manford if he knew of anyone else who would be suitable for the footwear position.  Read more.

Masque by Amy Allison

Something glittered deep inside the trunk. I reached for it, and shivering, drew it up from the bottom. “It’s a diamond necklace,” my mother said as she fastened it around my neck. I screamed. Its freezing grip terrified me. Read more.

Rexerella by Luke E.A. Johnson

       Once upon a time there was a Tyrannosaurus Rex named Rexerella. Rexerella lived under the haughty rule of her evil human stepmother and evil stepsisters who forced Rexerella to do menial tasks with her tiny arms which was very hard for Rexerella.  Read more.

Dark and Fair by Brian Gray

Once there was a great Sea Captain who had sailed the seven seas and had visited many exotic lands. But as with many great seafarers that pace their heaving decks the squally winds blew salt and brine through his ears and addled his brains, so much so that he decided it was time to take himself a wife and settle down. Read more.

Soap is Overrated by Susie

The hottest lesbian that ever lived was named Cinderella. Cinderella had two foppish, but kind-hearted, stepsisters that were more than willing to let her do all the dirty work. Cinderella loved fixing broken chairs (her stepsisters, built for comfort but not for speed, supplied her with plenty) and sweeping the floor (the crumbs were perfect for feeding her pet rats). Most of all, she loved climbing up the inside of the fireplace. Her best time to the top was 56 seconds. Not a boy in town could beat her, so they called her "Cinderella" - the princess of cinders. Read More

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